Galaeyes Telescope 80mm Aperture 500mm Refracting Telescope
Galaeyes Telescope 80mm Aperture 500mm Refracting Telescope
Galaeyes Telescope 80mm Aperture 500mm Refracting Telescope
Galaeyes Telescope 80mm Aperture 500mm Refracting Telescope

Galaeyes Telescope 80mm Aperture 500mm Refracting Telescope

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  • Brand: GALAEYES
  • Eye Piece Lens Description: Barlow
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 80 Millimeters
  • Product Dimensions: 24.01"D x 12.2"W x 5.9"H
  • Focus Type: Manual Focus
  • Finderscope: Reflex
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone
  • Lens Coating Description: Coated
  • Focal Length Description: 500 millimeters


  • 80mm aperture of objective lens, 500mm focal length, F/6.25 ratio. It uses two high-transmission, low-dispersion glass for sharp & colorful images. The lens of telescope for kids 8-12 is coated to improve light transmission, brightness, and clarity. The inner wall of the optical tube is coated with anti-reflective paint, the front aperture of telescope for kids 5-7 has been enlarged to 106mm for better light gathering, resulting in clearer images & a wider field of view.
  • The astronomical telescope Equipped with a positive prism, providing dual capabilities for observing both celestial & terrestrial objects. Explore Jupiter's cloud belts, the Great Red Spot, Saturn's rings, lunar impact craters, and more with exceptional clarity.The telescopes for adults astronomy also excels in capturing high-definition images of distant towers' logos & observing birds from a remarkable 3000-meter range. also ideal for kids telescope, such as kids telescopes for 5 year old.
  • By following our help to install the stargazing app, you can easily align your astronomy telescope with the target celestial object by adjusting the professional telescope's direction according to the arrow direction displayed on the app. The app of telscope will also automatically identify & display detailed information about other celestial objects in the sky. It's suitable for beginner telescope, You can also use the red dot finder to locate the target.
  • The telescopio is with a Bluetooth remote control & smartphone holder, it ensures stability while capturing photos or videos with your phone, eliminating any unwanted shaking. The sturdy aluminum tripod of the telescope for viewing planets features three adjustable sections, reducing shaking during star observations and enhancing ease of use. The coating of pearl silver and transparent paint makes the telescopio profesional para ver planetas exquisite and luxurious.
  • We are a manufacturer of high-definition telescopes for astronomy enthusiasts. Enjoy peace of mind with our 24/7 customer service and one-year quality guarantee. If any quality issues within the first year, contact us for exchaning a new one or free repairs. Your satisfaction is our priority. We will continuously enhance the quality of our telescopio profesional, including those designed for telescope for beginners and smart telescopes use.


  • Install stargazing app on your Android or iOS device as our help, and grant camera permission to the app. Enter the name of the celestial object you want to view. Follow the app's directional arrows to move your phone's camera & the optical tube and easily aim at your target star.
  • Simply point your camera towards the sky, and the app will automatically identify stars and display their names.
  • To access detailed information about a star, simply double-click on its name at the bottom of the image in Figure 2, and the app will automatically display all available information about that celestial object, as shown in Figure 3.


telescope refractors

  • The lens of telescope refractors is made of two achromatic glass pieces, which reduces color distortion when light passes through, making the image of telescopios sharper and more vivid, and colors more accurate.
  • Multiple coatings on the lens of telescope for adults increase the amount of light transmitted, resulting in brighter and clearer images.
  • This telescope allows you to see lunar craters, Jupiter's bands, and Saturn's rings with great clarity.

star gazing telescope

This telescope is equipped with an erecting prism, allowing for dual-purpose observation of celestial and terrestrial objects without inverting the image, unlike traditional telescopes with inverted images produced by zenith prism. It is suitable for various scenarios, such as star gazing telescope, travel telescope, adult telescope, telescopes for kids 8-12, portable telescope,and so on.



The traditional finderscope has a 1mm adjustment range and can't align with the main telescope. We installed an upgraded red dot finderscope with a 6mm adjustment range in both directions. It also has a red dot design at the center, making it easy to align with the main telescope after calibration.


travel telescope

With photography remote control. Simply connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and you'll be able to capture stunning photos and videos without the need to touch your phone. Say goodbye to shaky images and instability


adult telescope

Focal length: 500mm


25mm eyepiece: 20x

10mm eyepiece: 50x

3x Barlow lens (in addition to the original eyepiece): 60x or 150x


telescope for adults

With positive image prism, Dual-purpose for both land and sky, this device brings distant objects with remarkable clarity and detail, even up to 3 kilometers away. It also enables clear viewing of distant illuminated targets during nighttime, including planets and ground objects, delivering a captivating and immersive experience.

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  • Precision Engineering: Experience the stars with unparalleled clarity. Our telescopes are designed for serious stargazers, ensuring every celestial body is within reach.
  • Wide Range of Models: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned astronomer, we have the perfect telescope to match your sky-watching needs. From compact, easy-to-use models to advanced systems for deep-sky observation.
  • Designed for Explorers: Every telescope is crafted with adventure in mind. Lightweight and durable, they are perfect for your journey through the cosmos, wherever it takes you.
  • Sustainable Astronomy: We're committed to the planet as much as to the stars. Our production processes are eco-friendly, minimizing impact on Earth while maximizing your view of the heavens.
  • Expertly Crafted: Precision is in our nature. Each telescope is meticulously assembled, ensuring that your view of the cosmos is nothing short of spectacular. Expect a journey of discovery with every use, enhanced by our dedication to precision and quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Great for Amatures!

This is a great, basic telescope for someone who doesn't want to spend more time programming and updating software, than looking at the moon and stars. I saw the awesome night sky from the start. And being able to take photos with my phone was a fantastic bonus! I would highly recommend the100mm Aperture 900mm FL w/Star-Finding System for iOS/Android as a great amature starter!

Jamey Warneke
Great Telescope!

Bought the 100 mm aperture telescope. Couldn’t be happier. Able to see Jupiter in amazing detail and 4 moons with this telescope. Star finding system is easy to use and helps locate stars, planets and constellations. Highly recommended.

Tuan Le

This telescope is awesome! It's a perfect starter telescope for teens and kids! It's easy to assemble and use! It does have a lot of instructions though

Keegan Peck

A birthday gift for my son, the telescope can see the moon clearly, a very satisfying purchase

Jordan Nickerson

Nice telescope for a beginner. I got it for kids and they seem to enjoy using it and looking at the stars.
We haven’t tried all of the attachments and lenses yet, still have to learn how to set up and tune it better.
I like that it has height adjustment and you can turn and point it in different direction easily.