Galaeyes Smart Telescope 600x92mm AZ w/Star-Finding System
Galaeyes Smart Telescope 600x92mm AZ w/Star-Finding System
Galaeyes Smart Telescope 600x92mm AZ w/Star-Finding System
Galaeyes Smart Telescope 600x92mm AZ w/Star-Finding System
Galaeyes Smart Telescope 600x92mm AZ w/Star-Finding System
Galaeyes Smart Telescope 600x92mm AZ w/Star-Finding System

Galaeyes Smart Telescope 600x92mm AZ w/Star-Finding System

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  • Brand: GALAEYES
  • Eye Piece Lens Description: Barlow
  • Product Dimensions: 31.88"D x 8.66"W x 7.87"H
  • Focus Type: Auto Focus
  • Finderscope: Reflex
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone
  • Lens Coating Description: Fully Coated
  • Focal Length Description: 600 millimeters
  • Zoom Ratio: 600 multiplier x


  • The telescope is equipped with a patented adjustable equipment for an automatic star-finding. Simply follow our instruct to install stargazing app, enter the name of the celestial body you want to observe, and follow the app's arrow to adjust the telescope's latitude and longitude. This will align the telescopes with your desired target. Instantly identify aligned celestial bodies and access detailed information at any time.
  • The objective lens with a true diameter of 92mm can gather more light, resulting in brighter imaging. It consists of two low-dispersion double ED glass elements, which provide higher color fidelity and eliminate chromatic aberration. Additionally, the objective lens of space telescope has undergone FMC (Fully Multi-Coated) broadband coating treatment, increasing light transmission and ensuring bright, clear, and distortion-free imaging.
  • Discover the cosmos like never before with our professional-grade astronomical telescope! With a 92mm aperture, 600mm focal length, and a focal ratio of F/6.6, it's tailor-made for observing planets and deep-sky nebulae.Experience stunning views of lunar craters, Saturn's majestic rings, Jupiter's intricate bands, the Great Red Spot, and Martian basins. Ideal for astronomers and astrophotographers, telescopios para ver planetas.
  • Included a smartphone mount for photography. As a professional telescope for stargazing and deep space photography, it not only allows direct observation of celestial objects' details but also offers multifunctional expandability to connect with additional devices such as digital cameras, DSLR cameras, and computers (Purchase digital camera mount, DSLR adapter ring, and electronic eyepiece for computer separately).
  • The bold stability design eliminates shaking during stargazing & photography. The total height of 57.5" is customized for adult, and the adjustable height also suits kids telescope, telescope for kids 5-7,kids telescopes for 5 year old, It can be set at any angle to observe & has micro-adjust functions for easy positioning & tracking stars. It functions like equatorial mounts but is simpler, lighter, & more portable. 1-year exchange policy for any quality issues, and 7/24 customer service

 telescope for kids 5-7kids telescope

A Larger Aperture for Brighter Imaging

This telescopio features a 92mm diameter objective lens, allowing it to gather a greater amount of light. As a result, it produces images that are brighter and clearer, as the aperture size directly impacts the amount of light collected.


space telescope

Natural Color without Any Color Aberration

The lens of telscope is crafted from ED low-dispersion optical glass, resulting in high color fidelity, zero chromatic aberration, and lifelike image reproduction. It's suitable for use as a telescope for viewing planets, telescopio profesional, telescope for beginners, smart telescopes, star gazing telescope, adult telescope, and more



FMC Coating for Brighter & Sharper Image

The objective lens of astronomy telescope, composed of two pieces of ED optical glass, undergoes FMC (Fully Multi-Coated) broad-band coating, achieving an impressive light transmission rate of up to 99.8%. This minimizes reflections and maximizes light transmission, resulting in sharper and brighter image.


kids telescopes for 5 year old

  • Our 25mm (1") eyepiece has a two-section design with outer barrel diameters of 1" and 1.4". Using a 1" lens increases the field of view by 35%. Traditional 1" eyepieces can only fit 0.6" lenses, resulting in a smaller field of view.
  • This telescope can indeed provide clear views of celestial objects such as the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and deep space nebulae.
  • Warning: Use a solar filter before observing the Sun to protect your eyes. Failure to do so can cause eye damage. Solar filter sold separately.

astronomical telescope

This telescope refractors equipped with a erecting prism, when observing ground targets, the image is not inverted, making it suitable for both celestial & terrestrial viewing. The erecting prism can rotate 360 degrees, providing better ergonomics & allowing you to observe from the most comfortable angle.



The traditional optical finder scope has a limited 1mm adjustment range, making it difficult to align precisely with the telescope on the same target. In contrast, the upgraded red dot finder scope provides a 6mm adjustable range, allowing for accurate alignment. It features a central red light indicator for easier locating and is suitable for both celestial and terrestrial observations.



Including parts

  • 1.Optical tube 2.Adjustable tripod 3.Single arm of tripod
  • 4.Erecting prism 5. 3x Barlow lens
  • 6.Eyepiece (25mm x1,10mm x1, 6mm x1)
  • 7. A smartphone holder for photography
  • 8.A holder for stargazing app 9.Red Dot Finder
  • 10.Accessory tray 11.Micro-adjust lever x 2
  • 12.Horizontal locking knob 13. Instruction Manual
  • 14.A T-ring for mounting a DSLR camera
  • 15. A remote control for photography

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  • Precision Engineering: Experience the stars with unparalleled clarity. Our telescopes are designed for serious stargazers, ensuring every celestial body is within reach.
  • Wide Range of Models: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned astronomer, we have the perfect telescope to match your sky-watching needs. From compact, easy-to-use models to advanced systems for deep-sky observation.
  • Designed for Explorers: Every telescope is crafted with adventure in mind. Lightweight and durable, they are perfect for your journey through the cosmos, wherever it takes you.
  • Sustainable Astronomy: We're committed to the planet as much as to the stars. Our production processes are eco-friendly, minimizing impact on Earth while maximizing your view of the heavens.
  • Expertly Crafted: Precision is in our nature. Each telescope is meticulously assembled, ensuring that your view of the cosmos is nothing short of spectacular. Expect a journey of discovery with every use, enhanced by our dedication to precision and quality.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen folz

I got this as a gift for my nephew who has started to develop interest in the Astronomy . He was elated to get it. The set-up was easy enough for a older teen but may need supervision for younger kids. The manual that comes with it does a good job of explaining the parts and installation set-up. We started off with viewing some ground objects far away like flowers. Then moved on to the moon with which we were happy with the results. We like it that it has the phone apparatus as well. This telescope is an excellent choice for beginners, offering a clear and enjoyable viewing experience at a very good price point. We're eagerly anticipating summer nights when the skies are at their clearest to embark on more celestial explorations like spotting distant planets.

Carl Maietta

It is of a superior quality to similar products at the same price. Easy to assemble and use. Still waiting for the opportunity to do a more in-depth test.

John Ali

Good experience for me as a beginner and my 8 year old daughter can also use it alone

Mark Button

The item was shipped quickly and arrive on time. I like the amazon speed! I bought this as a birthday gift for my nephew. He has a dream of being an astronomer. It is easy to assemble. I set it up for him quickly. It is portable, so you can always move it and find the best angle to observe the moon,star and any planet you can see. Now it is not just his toy, It has turned into all the family members' hobby. Hopefully one day one of them will become a real astronomer. Great gift for kids to explore and study the space. Better than giving them a game switches . right ? very happy with this purchase and my nephew like it so much.

Jacob Kossmann

I think this is a good gadget for beginners for those that want to initiate in the stargazing adventure. It was pretty easy to assemble it following the guide that it comes with. You can carry it with you if you are going to be in a good place to look at the stars since it is lightweight. You have 10mm and 25mm eye lenses to adjust the zooming, a phone attachment, and a tripod as well that is pretty sturdy. If you still have problems with anything there is an app that you can also download on your phone that will aid you with your issues too.